The cooperative Errotik from Bilbao tells us that the idea was born in 2017 after learning about the Mazi Mas project in London, created by Nikandre Kopcke and learning about other similar experiences in Denmark and Sweden.

Mazi Mas, restaurante sostenible de mujeres refugiadas | Mazi Mas restaurant London

After several days of research, we discovered that both in Euskadi and in the state there were projects linked to the socio-labour insertion of people with disabilities, of people at risk of social exclusion… but none of insertion with women that promoted both individual and collective empowerment through feminist pedagogy.

Mazi Mas restaurante sostenible de mujeres refugiadas en Londres | Mazi Mas proyecto de restauración de mujeres refugiadas

Little by little we realized the need to include in the foundations of the project elements that were important for our cooperative Errotik as proximity, sustainability, degrowth, sovereignty … in short we wanted to create a project that from the root was transforming, was feminist. And from the result of all this process, Emaitza (fruit, outcome in Euskara) arose.

So we encouraged ourselves to design the roots of Emaitza and started the journey in search of collaborations and grants. More and more associations and companies are showing their interest in the project, and soon we will be able to begin to see its fruits.

The first event of the women of Emaitza will take place this September together with the chefs of Sustraiak catering.

We are anxious to see this project walk that will transform many lives, starting with ours.