In EMAITZA we are proud to be able to do the event of presentation of the gastronomic project together with the cooks of Sustraiak Catering.

Garbi and Roser are two women who are passionate about cooking and two years ago they decided to embark on a new path between vegetables and bonfires and decided to create Sustraiak, a vegetarian catering that offers, almost in its entirety, agro-ecological products, close and seasonal for all kinds of encounters.

In addition, Marta has recently joined the team, in order to expand its culinary offer and offer high quality vegan and macrobiotic dishes.

The components of this company work day by day and from their private lives for and to create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable world. This is why, among other actions, they are part of the ERRONKA GARBIA, methodology, a procedure that minimizes the negative impacts on the environment associated with the celebration of events.

They always use ecological and 100% compostable containers in their services, but as far as possible they reuse as much as they can.

For all these reasons, EMAITZA could not have a better ally than Sustraiak for its first presentation event.

Soon we will publish the date and place of the great event, we anticipate that it will have live music and talks. Are you going to miss it?

If you have a restaurant and would like to collaborate with Emaitza, do not hesitate to contact us.