Our dream is coming true.

We have been getting to know each other better for several weeks, working on self-confidence, teamwork, etc. thanks to the girls of Errotik Cooperativa. In September we have also started thinking about the first dishes we are going to prepare for our first gastronomic event.

The 8 women from Emaitza get along great, we have created a fantastic group. For this first occasion, we have the help of the girls from Sustraiak Catering.

Thank you very much for teaching us so much, Roser, Garbi and Marta.

Emaitza's Gastronomic Event in BILBOROCK
First Emaitza’s Gastronomic Event with Sustraiak Catering

It has been hard for us to think about vegetarian appetizers and pintxos, because we are not used to cooking without meat or fish, but it has been a very nice and exciting challenge. We have collected most of the products from the Food Bank of Bizkaia, since, as you know, Emaitza, besides being a gastronomic project for the social and labour insertion of women, also seeks to take advantage of the food and create an awareness of responsible consumption.

The menu we have worked on for this first occasion has been the following:


Oatmeal and seasonal vegetable burgers

Carrot and almond pate stuffed zucchini spirals

Egg and mushroom soup

Zucchini, pepper and onion toppings

Falafel with yogurt sauce

Miscellaneous cakes

Algerian pasta and assorted chocolates


It’s October 8, 2019, our dream has come true. We’re nervous.

Everything we’ve been working on for the past month was going to take shape at 19:00 in the evening at Bilborock. About 100 people are expected. Oh, my God!

People are starting to arrive, and we’re finishing up the pintxos and putting them on the tables.

Emaitza's Gastronomy
Algerian pastries or savoury biscuits made for Emaitza’s first gastronomic event at Bilborock


First Emaitza Event
Oatmeal burgers with seasonal vegetables


Appetizers for Emaitza's Bilborock Event
Zucchini spirals, filled with carrot and almond pate


After the usual 10 minutes, Leire goes on stage and starts to present the project. First Aida, Pablo and Ester de Errotik go up to explain what Errrotik is, how the feminist cooperative of social initiative came about and where Emaitza, this gastronomic project of social and labour insertion, was conceived.

Emaitza, gastronomic project for the insertion of women in the labour market | Emaitza is a creative cuisine project conceived by Errotik Cooperativa in Bilbao
Presentation of Emaitza by the members of Errotik Cooperativa

Then they call all of us to come on stage. What nerves! The hair on my head. We feel important. Nadia and Victoria explain how the preparation of this first event has gone and how we feel in it.

The truth is that it’s been a long time since we’ve been so excited, the hairs on our heads.

Emaitza is a project of social and labour insertion for women in Bilbao | Errotik Cooperativa has created this initiative of Emaitza
The members of Emaitza explain what this gastronomic project of social and labour insertion for women consists of and that it bets on creating awareness about food waste

After the presentation we give way to the singer-songwriter ‘Animal Jane’. What a voice! The truth is that it has been key for this first event to have an artist of this caliber. Many thanks to Adri, for having wanted to collaborate in this initiative.

The feast begins, people start tasting our elaborations. They seem to like them, and a lot! In fact, they’re leaving nothing behind… How proud we are.

Everything has turned out wonderfully, and we’re looking forward to the next one.

Mila esker, thank you to all of you who wanted to join us for this first presentation event. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Here are some of the most significant photos of the previous and the event.