Our goal was for this second Emaitza event to be at least as successful as the first. And to that end we worked hard on Tuesdays in October and November.

This time, we had the collaboration of the cooks Regina Escribá and Mariana Ortiz. We have nothing but words of gratitude for these two great chefs.

Segundo evento gastronómico de Emaitza
Regina Escribá and Mariana Ortiz have been the collaborating cooks in the second event of Emaitza.

In this case, the creation process has been very emotional. We have revived smells and tastes that have transported us to our childhood home.

Each of the participants in Emaitza, we have had to choose a product or dish that has marked us in our lives, such as; cassava, stuffed potato, burek, stuffed pupusa, beans, pibil, couscous, achiote or fusa de leche.

We have remembered our family and friends, our country, happy experiences around gastronomy…

After analyzing the product chosen by each of the women, and with the help of Mariana and Regina, we designed the following menu to offer it on November 14th on the Aingeru Etxebarria Cooking School:


Yucca croquette balls filled with meat/vegetable

Potato croquette balls filled with meat/vegetable

Mini Burek mini meat/vegetable filled rolls

Mini Pupusa stuffed with cheese and cabbage sauce

Bowl with white beans and plantain chips

Sauces with and without spice


Corn tortilla with chicken/vegetable Pibil


Couscous with meat/vegetable stew with achiote


Peanut and dulce de leche chocolate cake, decorated with milk fuse, red fruits and mint.


Before we posted the menu on our web, all the tickets were already sold.

Total success. What nerves!

November 14th.

This time, the group in charge of putting the notes to this event is ‘Sister Moon’, a young band from Indautxu. Thanks to Ibone, Tito, Juaro and Gontzal for your music, we had the best company we could have for our second event.

The feast of dishes begins.

Once the starters are out, we see that Aingeru Etxebarria wants to say a few words. And what words!

Excited by all that he is experiencing, he offers the women of Emaitza the chance to give cooking classes in their country in the monographs that they organize at the School on Saturdays. What a news!

The event couldn’t have gone better.

And it did. The diners left nothing on their plates, and thanked us again and again, telling us that everything was very good and that they would not miss the next one.

We love making people happy with our cuisine. We are already looking forward to the third event.

Are you coming?