3rd EMAITZA Gastronomic Event at home

The 3rd gastronomic event was one of the most special for the whole team.

It was held on December 14th at the headquarters of the Errotik Cooperative within the framework of Gau Irekia. It is a participatory festival of the high districts of Bilbao. Gau Irekia or ‘Open Night’, serves as a way for everyone to get to know the associations, companies, initiatives… that exist in the neighbourhood. It is a night to open the doors to diversity, to share, to listen to each other and to create new networks.

Emaitza is a gastronomic project born in Errotik, a cooperative of social initiative with headquarters at 10 Cortes Street, in the San Francisco district. And this Gau Irekia “Open Night”, we had to open ourselves to Bilbao, and especially to the high neighborhoods.

For this gastronomic event we had the collaboration of Claret Enea. Mila esker Agustin and Bernar for giving us the kitchen that you have in Corazón de María. During Friday 13 and Saturday 14, we have prepared different morsels of the world with the help once again of the chef Regina Escribá.

What do you think about the menu designed for this Gau Irekia?


As for the drinks, we had wine and several beers, among them we offered the Pixkanaka from Pikara Magazine, Ékolo juices provided by Sustraiak Catering, and some soft drinks.

It was 7:00 pm and people started to arrive. There was no more room in the office for anyone else. Leire started to introduce Errotik. Who are they and what do they do? Among other things, Errotik accompanies public and private entities in raising awareness and sensitizing them to gender issues, it offers courses and co-educational workshops related to formal training and leisure and free time spaces, it accompanies the monitoring and assessment of projects and feminist research processes. They also create innovative projects aimed at social transformation and a more egalitarian world. And from the last leg of innovation Emaitza is born, an initiative of social and labour insertion for us, 8 migrant women coming from, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Peru, El Salvador, Venezuela, Algeria and Morocco.



After the presentation of Errotik, the women of Emaitza presented the menu prepared for the occasion, and people were ready to taste the world’s bites.



But the event didn’t end there. At 20:00 began the performance NOSOTRAS-GU GEU led by Ainhoa Madariaga and Leire Castrillejo. They used the theatre to create a space for meeting and recognizing each other, a space guided by the techniques of the Magdalena Laboratory, Theatre of the Oppressed. We cried, we laughed, but above all we empowered ourselves a lot.



After the round of interventions with the audience, we started dancing.

And once again, we cooked up feminism.