Errotik Cooperativa created EMAITZA.

Through a process of professional feminist accompaniment, women in vulnerable situations*, can find in EMAITZA, a training and work option, as well as a space for individual and collective empowerment in collaboration with restaurants and gastronomic projects in Bizkaia.

*According to the United Nations approach, vulnerability is understood as a condition imposed on a person by the power structure of a society.

Pop-up restaurant service

To initiate this experience, a  POP UP itinerant format has been chosen for its innovative and exclusive element for both the women who participate in the project and for the collaborating entities and restaurants, as well as for the people who come to taste and make use of the service.

Once a month, the women participating in EMAITZA will create together with a chef a special menu, adapted to the products and food available from the Food Bank of Bizkaia.

Together they will cook from a creative point of view in order to surprise us and awaken consciences.

The events will be organised with the collaboration of companies and entities that are friends of the project and will also be accompanied live by people linked to the world of music, art and stage design.

To see where the next event will be visit the page WHERE AND WHEN.

Errotik Cooperativa

ERROTIK is a Feminist Cooperative born to create innovative projects from the root. Thanks to an interdisciplinary team made up of people coming from different fields such as sociology, education and social work, pedagogy, theatre, expressive movement and communication, projects are designed and implemented aimed at contributing to the eradication of sexism in the economic, labour, social, cultural and educational context.

From a feminist perspective, Errotik wants to confront the dynamics of exploitation generated by the patriarchy that affects people and the environment, its main commitment being the fight for women’s rights.