Once a month a gastronomic event will be held in a restaurant or singular space in Bizkaia.

Every month in a space and with a singular menu. The women of EMAITZA will have the opportunity to prepare different dishes for each event.

We invite you to discover a new way of consuming gastronomy, elaborated from diversity, collective work and love.

Come and enjoy a unique menu

In this section, it will be published where and when you will have the option to taste the menu of EMAITZA and be part of a project of social and labour insertion and awareness about the waste of food.

The events will be organized with the collaboration of companies and entities friends of the project and will also be accompanied live by people linked to the world of music, art, scenography.

Cancelled next event at Amillena Arrazola Benta

Next Event on March 13th


Vegetable arepas with two sauces
Stuffed potatoes
Fried beans with pumpkin tempura
Vegetable/chicken tajine
Home made vegetable and cheese ravioli
Artatxiki and orange cake
Marrakech express

The elaborations will be adjusted to the products provided by the Food Bank of Bizkaia.


Bolivian dances
Oriental dances
Basque dances

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