A gastronomic, feminist and transforming project

It’s born as a tool for the empowerment of women and for the sensitization in the responsible use and harnessing of food.

Initiative created by Errotik Cooperativa

It’s a project for the socio-labour insertion of women, centered around creative cooking. Each dish will be prepared with surplus products withdrawn for sale, either for their near expiry date or for their physical appearance, handed over by the Food Bank of Bizkaia.

EMAITZA means fruit, outcome in Basque.

It’s a project born as a result of linking synergies, interests and knowledge of all the people who are part of Errotik, hence its name. It is an itinerant restaurant service located in different spaces and singular places of Bizkaia. The menu of each event will be designed and coordinated by female chefs and gastronomic experts together with the team of EMAITZA.

A gastronomic alternative...

…that reverts in the life of a group of women, thus betting on innovation, sustainability, ecology and social transformation.

Next Event on November 14

(Errekakoetxe 2, Bilbao)

Tasting dinner for 40 people accompanied by live music

The Menu


Yucca balls, croquette type, stuffed with meat/vegetables
Potato balls, croquette type, stuffed with meat/vegetables
Mini Burek meat/vegetables stuffed rolls
Mini Pupusa stuffed with cheese and cabbage
Bowl with white beans and banana toast
Sauces with and without spice


Corn tortilla toast with chicken/vegetables Pibil


Couscous with meat/vegetables stew with annatto


Chocolate cake with peanuts and dulce de leche,

decorated with Fusa milk, red fruit coulis and mint

The elaborations will be adjusted to the products provided by the Food Bank of Bizkaia.